Vicki & Garry
Vicki & Garry Lake of Bays, ON
Rebecca,We wanted to thank you for the special wedding cake for Blake and Katrina’s wedding. Everyone said it was one of the most amazing cakes they had ever seen. You envisioned and created everything that Katrina had dreamed of for her special day. I still think you should enter it in a competition! Again thank you so very much, you are truly an artist.


 Krista D
Krista D Toronto, ON
Thank you so much for a beautiful and absolutely delicious cake!!! You did a wonderful job, thank you 🙂

All the best

Sylvia Brown
Sylvia Brown Huntsville, ON

Hello Rebecca: I was most surprised and delighted to receive the elegant and delicious cake from my family that you made for my birthday. I just loved the robin, nest and little candy “robin’s egg blue eggs” in the nest! Being a bird watcher and especially now waiting the return of robins, my family knew the robin theme would be perfect for me. Having a St. Pat’s birthday too, the robin and nest perched on the lovely Irish green hat shaped cake was charming. The cake of lemon flavour with raspberry filling was most delicious. I did so hate to cut the cake but my family took lots of pictures for me to treasure. Your creation of this cake will be a most memorable part of my 75th birthday. My many thanks to you.

Sylvia Brown

Bethany & Anthony
Bethany & Anthony Toronto, ON

Hi Rebecca,

I have been meaning to write you a quick note since our wedding – THANK YOU!!

I’m sorry I never got to meet you, but your baking is out of this world. The cupcakes were awesome and enjoyed by all (and we still have some in our freezer) and the little cake was amazing. We cut it but didn’t get to eat much of it that night, so we took it on our honeymoon 🙂 Everything tasted and looked amazing and we would highly recommend you!

Thank you again,

Bethany & Anthony

Lynda Huntsville, ON

Hi Rebecca – Everyone has just left my surprise birthday lunch ( and they really did surprise me) and we all celebrated with the beautiful dog agility cake you made.  What a work of art!!! We hardly wanted to cut into it but, of course, we did and it was fabulous!!!  Got lots of pictures of it – a couple with dogs looking longingly for their share (which they didn’t get!) I just wanted you to know how appreciated your art is and to say a heartfelt thank you!!  Cheers, Lynda

Gayle B
Gayle B Lake of Bays, ON
The cake was fantastic!!  We were all just blown away by the decorations and the flavor!  Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful and creative cake.
Gayle Brennan
Jen & Colin
Jen & Colin Bracebridge, ON


People are still talking about your cake buffet, 5 months later!  Colin and I would like to thank-you.  I know our cake buffet was a lot of work and we really appreciate all that you did.  You truly are talented and we would recommend your services to anyone.

S. Lowe
S. Lowe Hillside, ON

Thanks Rebecca!

The cake was AMAZING!

Kim and Claude
Kim and Claude Huntsville, ON

I just wanted to thank you for providing Lauren and Andrew with what I think is the most beautiful wedding cake I have ever seen. It was obvious how much love, care and time you took in creating such a masterpiece! Claude and I can’t thank you enough. It was a work of art and we will never forget your gift to both of them. I will tell everyone I know to contact you when it comes to wedding cakes. You are truly an artist extraordinaire! Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!

Jess Cambridge, ON
Dear Rebecca,Thanks again for that lovely cake!It looked amazing and tasted really great.Wish I was able to eat more of it!

Linda B
Linda B Dwight, ON

Thanks Becky for a totally awesome cake for Chantalle, I cannot believe that the Coach purse was not real!!! It was fantastic….no one at party could believe it wasn’t real!!!

Kelly & Chris
Kelly & Chris Oakville
Our wedding cake, created by Cakewalk Catering,is truly one of the most memorable and beautifulaspects of our wedding. With the little informationwe provided, Rebecca was able to create our dreamcake and the perfect finishing touch to our wedding.From the attention to detail in the intricate designsused on each layer, to the gorgeous bow topper,to the absolutely delicious cake, not a single detailwas overlooked. The end result – a vision andmouthful of perfection.I can’t imagine our wedding without the creativity,professionalism and outstanding experience we hadwith Cakewalk Catering.

Mary Lee and Warren
Mary Lee and Warren Dwight, ON
The cake was awesome!!! Bry was really blownaway. This was the first time I have ever seen himeat a piece of cake. Warren and I wish you onlysuccess with your business venture. I will spreadthe word.Thank you, Becky.

Guillaume Montreal, QC
Hello Rebecca,Thanks to a friend, I recently had the opportunityof tasting your Chunky Monkey Rum Cake and Iwanted to personally congratulate you on suchan incredible masterpiece. The cake literallymelts in your mouth and triggers an explosionof flavor and chocolaty goodness. The Rumdosage was beyond perfect… (And havingattempted a few “Baba au Rhum” myself, Iknow how hard that can be). You may restassured that you have a fan up here in Montreal.I cant wait to come down to Muskoka again…just the prospect of getting another ChunkyMonkey Rum cake is worth the trip.

Andrea and Craig
Andrea and Craig Lake of Bays
Hi Rebecca,It has been awhile but Craig and I wanted to takethe time to thank you so much for such a beautifulcake and cupcakes. It was amazing and looked sogreat! We loved it. We recently just went throughthe last of the cupcakes which we endingup freezing and will be sure to split that cakeon our anniversary. You are so talented and soeasy to work with!Thanks again and all the best!

Kristy Bride
Hi Rebecca!I’m sorry it took so long to write you. I justwanted to say thank you for the lovely cakesyou did for our wedding. I loved them, andwanted to wait until I had photo evidence oftheir beauty, which you can use for futurebrides, if you wish!Thanks so much again, and I hope all is wellwith you.

Kelly Huntsville
Hi Rebecca,I just wanted to send you a quick noteto say THANK YOU!!! The cookie trees were alldelightful and perfect; the guests marvelledat them. And the cake!!! Was exactly as we hadhoped it would be. I teared up when I saw it.Greg commented a couple times that the taste ofeach flavour was even better than we had thought.We have a bit of each downstairs in our freezer :)So, from both of us, thank you so much for helpingto make our cohesive winter wonderland weddingtheme a reality!! Thanks so much Rebecca.Maybe we will bump into each other one ofthese days!