Order Christmas Treats HERE

Fall is in the air here in Muskoka and we are already taking orders for Christmas goodies!  From decorated sugar cookies, taditional shortbread, whipped shortbread, hand-rolled chocolate truffles and gingerbread, your family members will love a sweet Christmas treat from Cakewalk Catering.  Don’t forget to order your December birthday cakes too by going to our Celebration Cakes page to find the size and flavour you need.

Christmas Cupcakes

Chocolate or vanilla cupcakes

1 dozen standard….$30.00

1 dozen mini…….$18.00


Decorated Cookie Trays

A selection of cookies, truffles and squares with a

mini gingerbread house centerpiece

1 dozen……..$25.00

2 dozen….$35.00

3 dozen….$45.00


Gingerbread Sleigh

Gingerbread sleigh filled with truffles

and surrounded by 2 dozen shortbread cookies

$50.00 each